This website is a community made site and has no affiliation to Massive, Red Storm, Ubi Reflections or Ubisoft whatsoever. Therefore impossible for one person to do everything, Below is a thank you to the people who have helped in some way with the website whether they know it or not. A massive thank you to everyone below.



Jelly is the creator of SHD Technology, He has played The Division since the Betas of The Division 1 and didn’t abandon ship during it’s rocky periods. As a massive fan of Destiny, Jelly appreciated how useful external resources for games can be and upon launch of The Division 2 saw a number of opportunities where he could offer helpful tools to the community. The website is a product of love for the game and it’s community, and will remain as long as people find a use for it. The response to the website online has been incredible and Jelly is committed to improving it and bringing new features, a number of which are currently in production and are incredibly exciting.

Reddit user u/Apocryphate is the creator of the ‘Division 2 Encyclopedia‘. Apocryphate got in touch with ideas to create a nice user interface for his data. Jelly already had plans preceeding this conversation to create an easy to use but detailed gear hub on the site, with this conversation the stars aligned and they have now teamed up to bring you all the ‘Gear Encyclopedia’ section to SHD technology. The information in the encyclopedia is one of, if not the most up to date and complete datasets of information for this game, always expanding and always updating.

A massive thank you to Apocryphate for his work on compiling data and getting the dataset ready for imports.




Brand Set Icons
These were kindly provided by El_Greeko (u/Storm_Worm5364 on Reddit).

Initial DPS Calculator Calculations
These have been expanded upon but the base calculations were made by MarcoStyle

Gear & Weapon Talent Icons
These were kindly provided by u/juhphoenix and u/Apocryphate

Damage Per Minute & Accuracy Calculations
The DPS Calculator was extended to include DPM calculations, with the formulas being provided by Sam Smitty (u/SamSmitty on Reddit)

Encyclopedia Data Sources