Welcome Agent

Welcome to SHD Technology. Your one stop hub for everything Division.

SHD technology is a fan made website built with the sole aim of complementing and improving every players experience within the the AAA video game ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’. The website was born out of a love for everything in The Division universe and everything that Massive Entertainment create for us. Whether you play on PC, Xbox or PS4, the platform doesn’t matter here but the information remains the same. We house a suite of tools that are constantly being refined and iterated upon to help you get the most from your character, we aim to help you in creating the best build for you and your play style.


Damage(DPS) Calculator

This tool allows you to take a mixture of important stats directly from your character screen in game and calculates your possible damage output in a number of scenarios, this allows you to get the most out of your build, see what attributes are working well as well as maybe what ones aren’t. We have a number of planned updates to make to this tool in the near future so save the link and keep an eye on it.

Brandset Builder

This tool was born out of necessity as the Brands system could be seen as somewhat confusing. The addition of Brands Sets was a positive one, but, to the average gamer it can be relatively complicated, each set has 3 different bonuses activated in certain ways and each brand set being exclusive to certain gear slots. We allow you too easily theorise the builds you want and let you know if they’re even possible.

Gear Encyclopedia

This tool is being built in partnership with Reddit user /u/Apocryphate, bringing his incredible compilation of data on everything gear and weapon related to the website. This launching very soon and will be a fully search and filterable Gear and Weapon database. Find a weapon or armour piece you want, easily and simply, we’ll show exactly what can roll on it, what mods it can have, and its damage values etc.